2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine locked up

Something popped there’s oil everywhere and the engine locked up.

Joyce , this is not an internet problem . You may be looking at a major expense and you will need to pay a mechanic about 100.00 to 125.00 dollars to know how much damage you have. Then you decide whether to repair or replace engine or just give up on this 16 year old vehicle.

Joyce. Like ‘Volvo’ says, this sounds serious. Oil all over the place means there is not much in the engine. Besides coolant, oil keeps the friction between all moving metal parts to a working minimum. "Locking up’ means your pistons may have seized. That’s not necessarily a death-knell for your engine, but may well require a “head job”.

That’s mechanic talk. Good luck.

Sounds like a piston rod came apart and punched a hole through the engine block. Can’t think of anything else that would have caused both a pop and oil all over. The bad news is that the engine would be shot if this is the case and likely not worth reviving the vehicle. The good news is that its a certain diagnosis so no question what the problem is when someone looks at it. I always prefer certainty to not knowing for sure and throwing parts at a problem, hoping to fix it.


In almost every case, a locked engine means there is no oil and the engine needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

Now; if this problem happened right after an oil change and it’s related to a drain plug or oil filter problem then you may have recourse against whoever performed the oil change.

And I know, the red no oil pressure lamp never came on. It never does…

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Sometimes the cover that you unscrew to pour oil into the engine accidentally isn’t re-installed, and when that happens oil will go out of that hole when the engine is running & go all over the place. Eventually if it isn’t detected in time, it will result in a locked up engine b/c all the oil has flowed out of that hole.

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Hmmm, @George_San_Jose1 may be onto something. someone didn’t put the cap on tight but bottom line is the engine is seized.

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