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2002 JEEP Grand Cherokee 4.7 v8 ENGINE FROZEN DEAD

Jeep stalls three times and starts up and then shuts down with no warning. Had the car towed to a local mechanic and and they said the Engine was Frozen. It will not turn. Had the car towed to the dealer and was confirmed the engine is shot.

Jeep has 92000 miles on it. Oil changes every 3k miles. I thought these were known to go over 200k miles.

Any body have the same issue with the engine.

Is this a known/ common problem?

Any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Take out the spark plugs and see if it still won’t turn. It could be hydro-locked (water in a cylinder on the compression stroke).

You hit it right on the nail. The dealer confirmed that cylinder #3 had 1/2 gallon of gas in the cylinder and engine stopped because it was hydrolocked.

How much is this suppose to cost. Dealer says roughly $4400. Parts - $2500 and rest labor. Checking to see how much of it will Chrysler pick up.

Any thoughts?


Good call by Wentwest.

I have to wonder if the engine is really shot. It sounds like replacing the injector to #3 cylinder would fix the gas leak and changing the oil perhaps a couple of times within a short time period would flush the fuel out of the engine. If the crank arm got bent it may need to be replaced. You may not have much to lose by trying to run the engine the way it is.

Apparently couple of the valves got bent. Few other parts also. I do not have the exact list of parts required.
THere is a total of $2400 worth of parts needs to be replaced.