2010 Jaguar XF - biggest problems?

What are the most problems with this year? This one has 61000 mils on it.

If you are looking at this Jaguar to purchase just be ready to spend large amounts to fix anything that breaks. As to problems a Jaguar dedicated forum might be of more help plus having a shop that works on vehicles like this inspect it .


Nice car. But at twelve years old, I suspect much maintenance has not been performed. Brake&transmission fluid, cooling system service likely have not been done. If no paper trail for maintenance, assume it has not been done.
Maintenance will cost you, repairs, even more so.

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Make sure all the recalls and customer service items have been fixed, quite a few of them, involving ECM programming, air bags, fuel system, power steering pump, instrument cluster, sealants, heatshield, etc.

This vehicle appears to have a lot of gadgets and gizmos, so expect more repair and maintenance expenses than an econobox like a Corolla or Civic. Seems like a very nice ride though. I don’t see any show-stoppers.

All of them are the “most problems”. There is nothing so expensive as a cheap Jag.