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2002 Isuzu rodeo Engine Removal

I am pulling the engine from my Rodeo. My Haynes manual says I must remove the driveshaft and drop the transmission. There is about 12 inches of clearance between the front of the engine and the radiator. Can’t I just unbolt the transmission from the engine and pull the engine straight out to release it from the transmission?

Is this two wheel drive?

I’ve always pulled engines with the transmission attached. Of course this requires unhooking anything that might attach the transmission to the car (shift linkages, coolant lines, trans mount, etc).

If 4WD with a transfer case attached this might be undesirable of require a different way of doing things.

Regardless, I’d pull the radiator before I tried to remove the engine, there’s nothing like losing control while pulling the engine and having it swing forward and wiping out the radiator.