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2002 Honda Odyssey transmission failing

My Odyssey transmission, with 70k, has slipped in the past few weeks. Honda dealer says pay 6k - there is no recall or extended warrenty. I’ve read your past posts http://act… and Honda took care of some people. What’s the secret to getting help?

The secrets to getting help are:

*Having maintained the vehicle with the dealership, and at the mileage intervals specified in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule

*Having the receipts to prove the above maintenance, in case the dealership claims otherwise

*Contacting Honda of America and politely/rationally requesting assistance with these repair costs

*Above all, DO NOT tell Honda of America or the dealership that you will never buy a Honda again. I am always amazed that people begin a rant with that type of statement, and are then amazed that they get no help. If you tell anyone that they have already lost you as a customer, they have no incentive to help you.

I can’t guarantee that the above information will make financial assistance available to you from Honda, but this will give you a decent chance of obtaining financial assistance.

Incidentally, please don’t labor under the impression that the so-called Better Business Bureau will help you. Recently, Smart Money magazine did an expose that confirmed my extremely negative experience with the “Old Boy’s Club” that is frequently referred to as the Better FOR Business Bureau.