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2002 Honda CR-V brake grinding ... but only after parked

I have an '02 CR-V, and for about the past two weeks or so, every time I start the car after it’s been in park, or have the brake mashed down hard (like when stopped on a hill at a light), there’s a squeak coming from the front right wheel.

When first starting, it does it a bit when in reverse as I’m backing out of the garage or a parking spot, but it’s not that loud. It really kicks in when I put it into drive, or start on a hill after having the brakes mashed.

They don’t seem any softer, and there’s no vibration. Just a really loud squeak, as if the brakes are stuck on.

But once I tap the brakes, or even stomp it hard real quick, the noise goes away.

And while it seems to be happening even when just driving – such as when hitting a bump – it’s only really noticeable when I first get going from a stop.

Anyone have any idea of what the heck it could be … ?

Have you had your brakes checked or checked them yourself?

Many times the brakes have “crickets” on the pads to let you know when the friction material is getting low. Normally you’ll hear a screeching sound while driving that will go away when the brake pedal is depressed (pushed down, not sad).

Check your brake pads, it may only be that you need to replace them.