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2001 Honda CRV Brake Squeal

Every time the dew point is up (that happens nearly daily here in WA) the brakes squeal the first time I step on them. After the 2nd stop the squealing stops. Service center has said that it’s the brakes themselves; that they are steel and so develop rust and that causes the squealing. Can I replace these brakes with something that doesn’t squeal? Am I being handed a line of cow stuff? :slight_smile:


Here’s another thread from today about that very thing:

The rust thing is correct and there isn’t anything you can replace them with to keep the rust away.

However, you don’t have to live with it either. There are various anti-squeal remedies that don’t prevent the rust but do kill the noise. These include anti-vibration brake hardware kits and often some well-placed dabs of brake grease.