2002 Honda Civic SI bleeding procedure of clutch hydraulics

2002 Honda Civic SI clutch pedal just goes to the floor and back. Need to bleed a hydraulic system two questions. Where is the slave cylinder tried to find it and secondly the bleeding procedure I appreciate it

From what I see the slave is external of the bellhousing, which means all you have to do is follow the hydraulic line from the MC to find the slave. It looks to be under the battery, so you’ll probably have to remove the battery, battery tray, and possible the air intake stuff.

Slave’s are not a common failure item, usually the problem is the MC. So make sure the MC is good before replacing the slave. Bleeding is pretty straightforward on my Corolla, similar arrangement, b/c the slave is lower than the MC, so gravity assists the process. Otherwise just like bleeding brakes, open the valve, press the pedal, close the valve, release the pedal, repeat. On some car the release fork may move enough that it prevents all the air getting out. In that case use a wedge of wood to limit its movement.

If you need to replace the MC, that can be a little tricky b/c of its awkward position.

If the clutch master cylinder reservoir is filled with hydraulic fluid, and there’s no leaks from the slave cylinder onto the ground, more than likely the clutch master cylinder is leaking internally in this 20 year-old Civic.


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