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2002 Honda Civic has water on the floor

I keep finding water on the floor of the front seat on the driver’s side. No obvious leak anywhere. No rain.

Live in desert? No water? Check. It’s not water. You say it does not rain. So how can it be water? Sherlock Holmes school of reasoning.

Does the water smell sweet and feel a little oily??

No. It smells and feels like water.

No, do not live in the desert. And it looks and smells like water.

Your air conditioner pulls water from the air when it runs. The water has to go somewhere so there is a drain for the AC passages under the dashboard exiting out under the car. Sounds like yours is clogged and depositing water INto the car. Have a mechanic put it on lift and clean it out.

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Clogged AC vent or door drain is where I’d start. If you have a sun-roof, that’s another possibility, but less likely.

Thank you! We will follow your advice.

Thank you! We will call the mechanic shortly.