2002 Honda Accord Cpe - Where to donate

wish to donate honda 2002 accord
what is the best donation organization in las vegas
that is reliable to meet
that will expedite transaction

At the top of this websites page is a tab marked “Vehicle Donation”

Click on that to find out how you can donate your vehicle.


this is the progam mentioned above, you tell them about you car, condition and other info. Then they call you to set up a pickup time where a tow truck (usually) will come and get the car for you. My sister-in-law did this 10yrs ago and it was easy.


Since most charities don’t actually take physical possession of the car, first decide where you want the proceeds to go. NPR, Red Cross, Boy Scouts etc.

And to be a “good donor” and avoid sticking them with a white elephant, follow their instructions, have the title available and remove all your personal items.

An alternative is to call around to local salvage yards. Many will come pick up the car and place cash in your hand. One by me has an online calculator and reservation system…

In Canada,“The kidney foundation” they give you a $1000 income tax receipt for your old car.