Car Slow to Start

Is it the battery? I have noticed my car has been sluggish to start over the past few days. The last time I started it, it took 2 times, and sounded sluggish. Any ideas/ I have a 2001 Town and Country.

We can’t see or examine your car from a distance. From your description of the symptoms, it certainly could be the battery–or at least the battery’s terminal connections. And, if this is the original battery, at 7 years of age it is definitely due to be replaced.

If you can get it started today, I would suggest taking it for a Load Test on the battery. Sears will run a Load Test on the battery, and will clean and tighten the terminal connections for a nominal sum ($9.95???).

If the Load Test indicates that the battery is dying, you can buy one right there at Sears or you can drive to your nearest Auto Zone, Napa, Advance Auto, etc. to buy one for less $$.

If the Load Test indicates that the battery is good (and if the terminal connections are good), then you need to have your mechanic look further for possible ignition or fuel system problems. Whatever you do–don’t buy a battery from a car dealership unless you want to pay top dollar for a battery that has probably been sitting on a shelf for an extended period of time.