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2002 Highlander Alternator Removal

I am trying to replace the alternator. I have removed the top pivot bolt, the lower bolt going through the tensioning device, and the bolt that adjusts the tension. The thing still won’t come out. I can move it up and down (like it is pivoting on the pivot bolt) but it won’t come out from between the area that the pivot bolt slides into. Tried using a large screwdriver to pry it out but it doesn’t budge.

Is there a secret to remove this that I haven’t discovered?


Not being familiar with a Highlander, I had to google what your alternator looks like - it looks very similar to most.
It seems to have two sleeve inserts in the pivot holes. Those things are pretty tight in the hole but move around laterally. I bet they’ve moved such that they are against the yoke and are holding the assembly right in there, even with the pivot bolt out.
Usually you can just pry the alternator out and then just push the sleeve inserts in a bit to make the replacement go in smoother.

This is what I was talking about:

Thanks. A big screwdriver and hammer did the trick.

That insert is just there to make up for lateral slop, I think.
Once you tighten that hardware again, the thing will push back out.

Good to hear you got it done.