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2002 Ford Ranger Edge Won't Start Sometimes

For the past year, my 2002 Ranger Edge runs fine, but the last few months after running errands, the truck will fire up and then seems like fuel is gone and the truck shuts off. When I try to restart the truck, it just cranks over and over. If I wait a few minutes, it will fire up again. It never shuts down while driving the vehicle, only at start up. I can hear the hum of the fuel pump and no indicator lights on the dash, etc…Has anyone else had this problem? It has 83,000 miles on it. I’ve taken it to a few different repair shops, including the dealer and they can’t repeat the problem or tell me what’s wrong. I’ve replaced the IAC, mass flow air sensor, replaced the plugs, plug wires, coil pack, alternator, fuel filter and am still having the problem, any ideas?

Next time it happens, check for spark. No spark? Not uncommon to have spark problems associated with heat. If you have no spark, or a weak spark, suspect the crank sensor or there might be a similar sensor which senses the distributor angle, then the ecm infers the crank angle. Either of those sensors could cause this problem. Next in line would be a bad ignition condenser. If you are getting a good spark, wouldn’t hurt to measure the rail fuel pressure .

As stated it could be a weak fuel pump. Squirt some started fluid in the intake when it won’t start. If it fires up, fuel system is bad. If it does not fire then you have a spark problem and it could be cam sensor. Cam sensors seam to have problems with heat.