2002 ford exployer transmission


I have a 02 exployer and the transmission light came on today for the first time. It was flashing a code but I didn’t catch it before it quit. I thought maybe the tranny needed fluid but could not find the dip stick. I checked the glove box book and it said there wasn’t one. Huh??? How can that be? A call to the dealer today (a saturday) was not satisfing. They said it was only dealer serviced and I would have to leave it with them. A car parts shop has after market filters for this tranny, so how does one check and add fluid. And when the code comes back, is there a site for expaining the code? I have not had this car long and had it professionally serviced the last and only time. Thanks


Here you go & no theres no dipstick. What was Ford thinking.



Other Fords, and other makes also, are dipstickless. It’s the wave of the future and I predict that in X number of years it will get to the point where an engine will not have a dipstick either.


I have a regular customer with a mercedes that has no oil dipstick. With car level drain the oil, change the filter, add 8 quarts of synthetic, start car, allow to run for 2 minutes, turn car off, turn key on, press and hold oil level syncroniser switch until light stops flashing, drive away.


We need to know what the code is first. Take it to a dealer or trans shop and have the computer scanned. Post back with the code/s and we’ll go from there.