2002 ford exployer issue!

When I leave my office in the afternoon there is a stop light at the intersection that I have to go through on my way home. It is on a slightly slanted hill.If you get caught at the light you will be waiting awhile as this is a busy intersection.

I have a 2002 Ford Exployer 4 wheel drive 6 cyl. As I sat at the stop light a couple of weeks ago and it turned green for me to go, I pushed the gas pedal and my car would not move. It did not make a noise when I pushed the gas pedal, it didn’t do anything. I shifted gears low and then to park and back to drive and it finally went.

This has been happening for about 2 weeks at the same stop light every afternoon as I leave my office. It hasn’t happened at any other time.

I have taken it to a mechanic for service and he hooked it up to a computer for a code to see what the problem could be. The computer shows everything as normal, there are no service light warnings in the car. He also drove the car - stopped the car-cut off the engine and restarted the car and the car didn’t ever hesitate to go for him. He can’t fixed the car as he doesn’t know what is wrong since the car did fine for him and their no problem codes showing in the computer.

If you have had a similar problem please let me know if you found a solution.

Was the obvious checked: transmission fluid level?

Low transmission fluid can cause strange problems when not level. It is also interesting to note that this happens shortly after just starting the engine when the fluid is cool and hasn’t expanded to a higher level. Fluid level is not easy to check. The vehicle must be level and up to temperature. Center set screw on pan plug is removed and fluid should just dribble out.

Yes it was changed completly over a month ago and that is one of the first things he checked.

It’s that dang traffic light !

by any chance, since it was changed a month ago, did you have the transmission flushed, and this new problem has happened since then?

You say the truck did not move, or make noise. So, I’m assuming the engine did not rev up? If so, have the accelerator cable checked. The engine should rev up if it is a transmission or brake problem.