2002 Ford Explorer gearshift lever

ok, went to drive my exlporer this morning proceeded to and put in drive then the lever just drooped! Am stuck btwn park & drive. put on the emergency brake. Has this happpend to anyone? I’ve ALWAYS since day 1 had difficulty putting this care in drive. I’m guessing I’ll need to be towed since I can’t move it!

If you have to ask then, yes, you probably need to have it towed. But the droopy lever indicates the likelihood of a relatively simple linkage issue (relative to an inside the transmission issue). Something between your lever and the transmission has been probably binding (as you mentioned its always been difficult) and has now just given out.

But as I say, if you need to ask I don’t suspect that you’re going to dig into it yourself.


Hi again,

car had to be towed and shop is telling me steering column needs to be replaced.
used $400 labor $300 sound accurate? Or is it too much work to replace gearshif lever?
And how can I tell if I’m not getting ripped off? oh, and new $1400

I assume shop is independent ? A quick trip to a Ford dealer for a quote would tell you a lot.
That goodness it didn’t break on a late model Toyota while trying to shift into neutral.

Thanks. I already have asked Ford for a price.