2002 Ford Explorer a/c too loud!

I have been driving my 02 Explorer for about 5 years now, after the first year I had the a/c serviced because it wasn’t blowing cold. Ever since then I have noticed that the a/c sounds like a jet taking off. I have driven other 02 Explorers and none of them seem to have this problem. Does anyone have and advice for correcting the A-10 warthog under my dash?

Is the sound level correlated with the blower speed?

How is the volume of air being moved,normal? perhaps a plugged cabin filter (perhaps none used) or debris in the blower cage

The noise most certainly does not correlate with the volume of air flow. The problem is I have limited mechanical knowledge of air conditioners. could you describe to me where the blower cage would be, and how to get to it?

The problem might be with the fixed orifice tube for the evaporator for the AC system.

This is what converts the high pressure liquid into a low pressure gas at the evaporator to create the cooling effect. These orifice tubes have a fine mesh screen that prevents debris from entering the orifice tube. During the last recharge of the AC system, a piece of debris may have plugged part of this fine mesh screen on the orifice tube. This restriction in the orifice tube screen can cause the liquid refrigerant to pass thru the orifice tube at hypersonic speed causing the whistling effect of a jet engine.