2002 Ford Expedition

How many antennas does this car have? Should I be able to find it overheard and in the rear?
Has anyone connected a HAM antenna to the car before?

Amateur Radio Operators have attached their antennae’s to about every vehicle imaginal .

That’s interesting, I assumed the antenna was on the right front fender. But looking at pictures of 2002s I can’t see the antenna location either.
As far as adding the HAM antenna, sure. You can add CB and TV antennas too, if you wish.

One of them is just a wire pattern on the right rear quarter glass. I see references for both front and back antenna lead in cables, so I presume there’s another , but not sure where.

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. Are you able to suggest where/ how to look for it? There’s a static sound my radio frequency meter picks up coming from everything to do with the sound system even when it’s not running. It’s a high frequency.
After examining the radio, it appears to have been tampered with.

Are you asking if a Ham antenna has been put on this vehicle ? How would anyone know that ? I say just find a auto sound shop and let them solve this for you .