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Broke antenna wire

Radio works poorly. What do you think previous owner was doing cutting antenna wire? Was he mad that day? How do you replace wire to front fender area? Without getting really mad?
i am going to run new antenna wire from fender area and leave old wire in place. or cut out what i can see. the part about removing front fender to reach antenna wire grommet sounds annoying.

Do you have enough extra cable to cut out the bad part and put a new end on? We have a crimping tool for cctv connections, but maybe they sell ends without a crimp tool needed. I always try to look for the simplest most efficient solution.

poked around door jamb. Found antenna wire. Dug out old soldering iron and after a bit of tinkering, got 2 good solder connections. Soldering 2 wires inside dash with no anchoring is touchy. Radio works now. Bal/fade was set so only driver speaker worked. Odd

NIce work doing a fussy repair at the site of the damage - and avoiding a more major reinstallation of the whole cable. Here’s hoping it will work OK!

Never did try cd. I assume it worked fine with no antenna?

CD would not need the antenna.

Maybe listening to talk radio, didn’t like what he was hearing :wink:

Good job on the repair. Good for you. Wiring and electrical system problems can be frustrating. I must have spent 2 solid hours repairing a non-functioning license plate bulb on my truck the other day.

he cut the antenna next to the big bundle and also cut it under the taped section near the plug. why 2 cuts? thats why i considered replacing the antenna. since i go to boneyard monthly to look for parts. i assume he had aftermarket radio in suv and maybe the hu required a different jack and he was too lazy to get an adapter?