2002 Ford Escape stuck in 3rd gear

Hi Guys, My transmission is manual, front wheel drive, 4 cylinder motor, plunger has come disconnected from shifting forks, car is stuck in 3rd or 4th gear. Would it be easier to change transmission or is replacing the plunger mechanism a viable option?

you can rebuild anything in the transmission if you can, but if you never did this before, better check prices for rebuild transmission vs. repair your own

What fastens the plunger to the shifting forks? It sounds like that is what needs to be replaced.

What fastens the plunger is what I was hoping someone could tell me. I haven’t tore it apart yet because that involves laying in the snow. I will have to go buy a manual and look it up, since it was Sunday I thought I would take a shot someone already knew. Thanks for the responses guys, appreciate you reading the post.