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2002 Ford Escape - Seasonal Sickness

I had a 2002 Ford Escape that seems to have season problems. During the warmer months, it will stall when decelerating or when stopping. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it tends to happen at lower speeding. What I have noticed is that the RPM’s will jump up and down like it is changing gears. Another symptom is that it idles very low, around 500 RPM. During the cooler months I don’t have any problems with stalling. What does happen every once in a while is that it will misfire while in only a certain gear. An example of this problem is when I’m driving up some incline it will be misfiring until the car changes into a lower gear and it runs fine. When it goes into the higher gear it will continue to misfire. This doesn’t just happen on hills, it will happen on flat roads as well. One thing that I noticed during a few of these instances is that it was raining or snowing. Something that you might be able to take into account is that the check engine light does come on, and the code says that cylinder 5 is misfiring. This happened last year before I had a tuneup, and also happened after. I have used a few fuel injector cleaners hoping that would help, but no luck. I can’t think of any reason why it is a seasonal problem unless the extreme heat is causing something to expand causing problems, or it is a computer issue. What do you all think?

We can’t give you an answer without more information. Which engine and how many miles? What did they replace in the tune up? It sounds like you have an electrical component breaking down under load. It could be as simple as spark plugs or wires. The wires would be weather dependent.It could be your coil or pickup coil depending on the engine.Never ask for a tuneup, instead address a particular problem with your mechanic.

a little over 120,000 miles. V6. The spark plugs were changed and the transmission fluid was changed. I needed those things taken care of, and that is what they did. I thought that new spark plugs would fix or help the problem, but they didn’t.

Thank you for your advice, and additional insight would be amazing.

EDIT: Also I believe the gaskets were changed.