2002 Dodge Dakota 3.9L Fan Clutch

So I recently replaced the fan clutch on my 2002 Dodge Dakota. I have a few questions though. First off, I noticed that after I installed the new fan, it is engaged constantly. Is this normal for a new fan clutch? Whenever I drive the truck, especially in first gear, there is a loud whirling sound coming from the fan as the rpms increase. Is this normal? I’ve driven the truck for about 60 miles since the install. Got it up to highway speeds and it runs perfect. The sound I described earlier cannot be heard in higher gears.The truck drives great and my temp is right where it should be. Thank you in advance.

The clutch should slip until the air temperature passing over the hub reaches about 160 F, then it should engage and you will hear the fan roar, that would be a coolant temperature of about 210 F.

Did you install a quality fan clutch?


It was either this one, or a “Severe Duty” one for $80

Maybe it is just sticking. I wonder if you could get it working by packing the area with ice first (engine not running obviously). Let it sit with the ice for an hour or two. Then remove the ice, start the engine, hopefully the clutch will be disengaged. Then blow warm air on the clutch with a hot air gun to s ee if it engages.