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2002 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring with a 2.4 4cyl. and the TCM went out. It was replaced with one from the same part number from the same yr. model but now the car won’t start without shooting ether to it and it’ll run until the ether runs out. I’ve got power to everything including the injectors but something is keeping the injectors from working. If you run power directly to the injectors from the battery, the injectors spray fuel perfectly. Need some advice. Please help. Thanks

Sedan or coupe? Are you sure you replaced the Transmission control module and not the Powertrain control module?

Are you certain the fuel pump is running? The fuel pump won’t run in my Corolla anyway unless the ECM determines that the crankshaft is turning. Check for power to the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, etc. Also measure the fuel pressure. Have you checked for stored diagnostic trouble codes?

Below is the location of each computer for the Sebring sedan. If a used PCM is installed (mistaken for the TCM) the imobilizer key data won’t match, the car won’t run.

Yes, it was the TCM. I’ve also replaced the crank sensor and the cam sensor and still won’t start. It is the LX Sedan.

Here’s some wild thoughts . . .

Perhaps the TCM needs to be “married” to the vehicle, using a factory scan tool

Perhaps the PCM is actually “looking” for that old TCM, and since it doesn’t see it . . .

The only adjustment in that TCM I can think of is the pinion factor, which is just the tire size for speedometer calibration.

Will this vehicle run with the old TCM? You had a transmission problem that was diagnosed as a TCM failure?

I’m not talking about adjustments

Many modules nowadays have to be married to the vehicle

And all PCMs and TCMs, as far as I know

Once it’s married to a vehicle, it will NOT work in another vehicle