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2002 Chrysler Sebring battery removal

I believe that battery died. I don’t want to take the car to the dealership because I’ll have to leave for God only knows how long, and they’ll break my bank acccount. I know that the battery is hidden in a compartment behind the splash guard forward of the lt front wheel. That guard is hold on with two screws and about 6 of those plastic retainers. Am I going to have to buy a set of retainers or will they pop back in after I’ve popped them out. And do I need a special tool to remove them? Or should I bite the bullet and take it to the dealership or a good local mechanic?


Walmart, Advance Auto both install batteries for free. I have never had any problems with their installation, although yours sounds more complicated than on any of my cars.

The plastic retainers should not require replacement; they should pull up with only a bit of pressure and should be re-usable.

Wellll, never mind. I called the dealership and it’s only $145.00 parts and labor if the battery IS dead. I called AAA and had it hauled off. I just hope the dealership don’t call and say "Gee…we’re sorry, but guess what?.."

Thanks for your response. I didn’t get to read it until after I wrote my own post. See above.