2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser overheats after new injection system

Just replaced fuel injection system, next day Pt overheated while idling for a few minutes. Added 1/2 gallon of water to radiator and took it back to the repair shop. Cooling fan not working when car is idling–put the defrost on and the temp goes down. Auto shop said that it wasn’t anything they did wrong. That they had put antifreeze/water in the radiator. Sounds like this happens way to often----why doesn’t anybody know what is wrong and/or how to fix this?

I doubt replacing your fuel injectors caused a leak in the cooling system. Have you noticed any coolant leaks on the ground? Also I would highly recommend adding 50/50 mix, not plain water when adding into the radiator. There are times were it may be beneficial to have up to a 60/40 mix of coolant to water, but you never want more water than coolant


What did they replace? Fuel injectors, fuel rail?
Usually injectors are under the intake manifold which needs to be removed so some coolant might need to be drained for the job. They added coolant so perhaps you have an airlock. You had to add coolant also so something is up.

Fix the cooling fan. THAT is your problem. It is unlikely that replacing anythng in the injection system would cause this. Sometime stuff just breaks and people always blame the mechanic when it happens while something else is being repaired.

You just told us what’s wrong. As for how to fix this, check to see if the fan is getting power and ground, if not replace the relay. Check voltage again. If no voltage, check the wiring, If there is voltage, hot-wire the fan to see if it runs. If not, replace the fan.

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Thank you.

Thank you.

Concur, if the radiator cooling fan isn’t coming on at idle after 5 minutes of idling from a cold start, that’s got to be fixed. Any modern engine will overheat in stop and go traffic or idling if the fan isn’t coming on when it should. If there’s a fuel injection component to this problem, it would most likely be the engine is running too lean. Suggest to check the fuel trims if the overheating continues after getting the fan fixed. And don’t run the engine hard until this is all addressed. If you got a lean problem from the fuel injection replacement, that can quickly overheat & damage the valves.

Thank you very much!