2002 chevy s10

ive got a 2002 chevy s10 with a 4.3l engine. my problem is this, it started out with a little miss that appeared to be in the engine that lasted for about a month or so and just recently it has gotten worse and now more problems. I now have periodic problems with the a/c system (electrical side), the transmission(had it checked at a shop and it is fine but it is being told to shift late sometimes) and now there is an occasional problem with the fuel system as well. there is no check engine lite on and no codes stored in the comp. I am completely out of ideas and need HELP!!! please

You need a mechanic that can diagnois without the benifit of codes (seems to be a tough bill to fill)Try to stay on top of car problems,dont let them pile up like this.

A few months back the battery (~10 months old) on my 2000 S10 Blazer (4.3, 4wd) was discharged down to 12.1 volts (~25% charge). The truck started having some driveability problems, the idle was 100-150 rpm than normal and the torque converter lockup was not engaging. I charged the battery to 12.6 volts (100% charge) and cleaned the terminals, the truck has been fine since. I did a little research on the web and there is some anecdotal evidence that the computer can get flaky when the battery voltage is low enough.

Due to a tight engine compartment and high underhood temps, batteries only last about 3.5 years in my truck, even with the insulating blanket around the battery.

The truck’s CEL did not light up. I didn’t have all the problems you described, but this is an easy check and fix. This is the only vehicle I’ve owned where a discharged battery caused these problems.

Good luck,

Ed B.