2002 Chevy S-10 Battery Drain

This truck will drain enough power from the battery to cause starting problems at times. If it is driven a good portion of the day, there is little problem. However, it can be a charged battery and if it sits for a day or so, something is causing a power drain. The battery is a year old ( replaced an older battery thinking that was the problem ) but this was to no avail. I have checked what I can think of but ask for any advice / ideas before I make the trip into the shop for a search. Any advice appreciated ! Thanks.

I had a tractor that did the same thing,turned out to be the cig lighter, corroded,was shorting out. Not likely your problem but hey, who knows?

The usual answer is to measure the current flow from the batter with the engine off. It has been suggested to wait for say 20 minutes to assure that everything has fully shut down. Then start pulling fuses to see which one causes a big decrease in current. If you have an alarm system or a remote start, I would start there first, especially if they are after market.