2002 Chevy Prism suspension

I have a 2002 Chevy Prism which has about 70000 miles on it. The suspension seems to be in poor shape. My question is…can a person who is not a mechanic, but somewhat mechanically inclined replace the shocks/struts on this vehicle? It was a really bad winter for the roads in Wisconsin and I am somewhat positive the suspension is shot. How much could the tires be actually contributing to the problem? Anyone?

I would not recommend you do any suspension work. Especially since you do not know what parts actually need rplacing. Suggest you see a competent mechanic and get a quote. You may save at most $150-$200 by doing it yourself, IF you knew what the car needed.

An 8 year old Prism (Corolla clone) should not have a “shot” suspension. The most I suspect would be new shocks; the spring parts of the suspension struts last a lot longer than that!

This is dangerous work requiring spring compressors and other special tools, which you probably don’t have. Many DIYers have lost hands, etc. trying to do this work.