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Pontiac Torrent suspension?

My Torrent is a 2006 with 90K miles. Is it worth replacing any or all of the suspension to give it the same smoother ride it had when it was new? I would like to drive it another 90K but it feels pretty loose when it hits a bump. Thanks!

With 90,000 miles on the vehicle it may just need new struts. You’d be amazed at what new struts can do to return the ride and handling to a vehicle when they’re replaced.


Thank you. Is replacing the struts as you suggest a very expensive deal?

Call your mechanic and get an estimate.

What you consider “expensive” may not seem that way to someone else.

New struts/shocks are WAY less expensive than a new vehicle.

Got it. Thanks!

Any noises over bumps?

I’m with Tester on replacing the struts. You’d be surprised at the difference.

Get an estimate for new struts and alignment and see if you can swing it.

Agreed with the others on the strut diagnosis but keep the following in mind.

Sometimes car owners may think their vehicle has a problem after having new shocks/struts installed due to the stiffer ride. This stiffer ride is normal and is how it should be. The perception that there may be a problem is due to the car owner having become acclimated to a softer, cushier ride over time as the shocks/struts weaken.

(Put new shocks/struts on my Lincoln almost a year ago and just last week went through the same diatribe with my wife for the 20th time after she was complaining yet again about the “rough ride ever since you changed the shocks and struts”). :frowning: