2002 Chevy Duramax diesel stalling out

I have a 2002 2500HD duramax that is stalling out when excelerating heavily ( as when passing ) I replaced the fuel filter, this seemed to help the problem for a day or two. The problem returned after two days of driving. I took the new filter off and cleaned the lower float valve,replaced it & it seemed to drive fine until I took it for a test drive and “gassed it” and the problem returned. Any thoughts?

That the problem was helped temporarily by a replaced fuel filter I would think is telling. I don’t know if the system is self bleeding or not but try taking the filter off and just cleaning it out. Also check condition of fuel lines. See if there is high moisture content in the filter bowl. I would definitely use a moisture displacement additive as my next thought. You don’t want it to get much worse before you take it in for service while this guessing game goes on though. It could be the fuel pump or worse.