2002 Chevrolet fault code P0442


I have a 2002 Cherolet van with a 5.7 liter V8. The service engine soon light s on andIhad the oces read at Autozone, they gave me P0442, EVAP small leak. I ahve had the gass cop come loose berfore andthe serive engine soon light came on. I replaced the gas cap , but I sitll have the fault code. I don’t see any obivous hose problemsa ndI don;t smell fule so I doubt the EVVAP cannister is cracked. another thing to check is hte EVAP purge or vent soleoid. Autozone game me a Wells part number, PV164 but did non have it and I called areound and no other stores had it.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


If the cap came loose while driving it can take as long as 50 miles to eliminate the code. Have the codes reset and see if it comes back.