2002 Camry - water in dash

I have what sounds like water in my dash. COndenstae line is clear. Thought it was only when I started/stopped… but I now hear when I first crank the car. Heater core? What else could it be? Water has started to smell quite bad and on warm days, inside of my windows get fogged up.

It sounds like a leaky heater core.
The smell, the foggy windows, the gurgling, these are all classic symptoms.

What’s odd… I don’t small antifreeze. Won’t antifreeze also prevent water from going rancid? And woundn’t my radiator level also be down or could it be so little might not be detected? Whats best way to confirm this?

A pressure test of the core is the best way to confirm or disprove its failure.

One man’s rancid is another’s sweet. But another possibility occurs to me…the AC condensor. If the condensor coils have become a breeding ground for microrganisms (mold) a rancid smell will be normal. If you’re using your defroster or your AC, it’ll not only smell but could blow stuff onto your windscreen. I’ve never actually seen it do this, but it’s possible.

It’s also possible that the condensor itself or one of its fitting is leaking. Has your AC system been working properly? Perhaps a system check at an automotive AC shop is a good idea.

This sounds similar to a problem I had with our Maxima over the summer. On those cars, the condensate line can clog, and you’ll end up with a bunch of really cold water inside the housing. Next time you have the A/C on, check around that housing. If it’s frosty, as though it had a nice cold beer in it, I’d bet your condensate hose isn’t as clear as you think. Everything you say, except for claiming that the condensate hose is clear, makes me think the hose isn’t clear. I’d recheck that first; it’s the easiest thing to do.