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2002 Cadillac DTS

There is a whirring noise coming from the dash, just to the right of the steering column. Local mechanic says its an “actuator arm” for the HVAC system and it will costs hundreds just to get to it to find the part number, anyone have the part number?

It Is Possible That There Are More Than One Available And The Actual Part Number Is Needed.
Every so often this happens on certain cars and not even a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) will help.

If the part can’t be seen, how does your mechanic know that is exactly what’s needed?

How expensive is it? How many different ones are there? Order both, if they’re inexpensive.

The hundreds it will cost to see it will need to be spent to replace it, right?

I have more questions about the actuator arm diagnosis than just “what’s the part number?”

I would be sure that this problem is properly diagnosed, before proceeding.

They should be able to look up the part number in a catalog. You don’t need to access the part just to get the number. The labor to replace the actuator is likely to be high, however, because sometimes much of the dashboard has to be removed. It all depends on where the actuator is located.

There Exists A Technical Service Bulletin For The HVAC System On 2002 DeVilles

It pertains to customer complaints of a too noisy blower fan that can run at higher speeds than desired. Also, the HVAC can cycle rapidly from one mode to another (for example, from “floor” to “bi-level” to “floor”) Also, people have complained about the HVAC having trouble holding a desired temperature and going from hot to cold, etc.

This may or may not describe your situation. However dealers have access to this bulletin and the “Tech 2” equipment needed to reprogram the IPM (Instrument Panel Module) and the DIM (Dash Integration Module). This stuff gets complicated. This repair appparently does not involve replacing anything, just reprogramming.

If any of this sounds like your symptoms, I would discuss it with a Cadillac Dealer. I am still not saying that your mechanic is incorrect. However, I still caution that proper diagnosis is key to this.

Carl, How Does Any Of This Sound To You?