2002 Cadillac DeVille with Anti-freeze leak, now all anti-freeze came out? while driving


Did you ask them to find the leak or were you only asking for an explanation for the coolant loss? With enough time inspecting the engine the leak should have been found.


Only asked about why I would have to add so much coolant. I never got it looked at. They do an inspection when they do my oil change but never said anything about any leaks or hose issues, Just got an oil change recently too. I never knew about doing a pressure test until after the car was towed. I live in the south now and wondered if the extreme heat would have caused it which seems unlikely. However, the heat does do a number on cars here.


The kit from AutoZone has some adapters. Have them get a new pressure cap for your car from stock and compare it to the adapters to see it one will work.


This is the end result of watching your vehicle leak a very vital fluid for over 3 years… The end result will never be a good one and should have been remedied within the first 3 days or weeks. You are now open to a host of problems if not outright engine termination due to a head gasket issue or possible HG issue. None of this is good.


2002 has 30k miles on motor? replacement motor? used motor?
northstars and bad headgaskets? very common


I suspect that the Caddy, like my Pontiac, has the feature to begin shutting the engine down in the case of over-heating. According to the book anyway, the computer will shut down cylinders to cope with high temps to save the engine. Might be why it lost power.


Okay. Thank you.


Replacement motor is from dealer I believe


I did not loose power. I was driving on the Interstate when several things flashed on information panel. So I pulled over after driving about two miles from when it started. I was entering on to another interstate and this was as soon as I could pull over. I then had it towed. It was overheating a little by then. It drove fine.


more info on this please.

How many miles ago? What kind of warranty? Have you had this vehicle back to the place that installed the engine to check for the coolant loss that you have been experiencing since this engine was installed?


unfortunate about motor. they are prone to headbolts pulling from alum block and it used to be fairly easy to find shops that would install studs in block and fix issue. usually in the $2k range. a new motor will not have studs. it will have the old issue prone headbolts but they usually do not fail at 30k miles. but, there are other things that leak on these motors. waterpumps and/or coolant crossover housing which is a bear to change gasekts on. and hoses. and so on