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Cracked head?

I have been looseing antifreeze and oil quickley. It’s not leaking anywhere. The cars not overheating and the oil looks fine. However, in the anifreeze, I noticed a gray milky substance caking around the cap and sides. What is going on?

What kind of car, how many miles, any previous overheating episodes, etc. might help in formulating a guess.

Off the cuff, the odds of a cracked head are near zero. The odds of a faulty head gasket or intake gasket are far higher.

Some diagnosis needs to be done; compression test, cooling system pressure test, etc.

It’s a 97 Cadillac Deville. Has about 79,000 miles. No overheating, some putting when first started after sitting awhile. Died a few times when coming to a stop or stopped. Seems like that was only when the oil was low.

Because you make statements relating your cars stalling to the oil being low any information you provide is suspect and makes me feel you are not seeing what you think you are.

If you take your car to a mechanic I will be happy to discuss his diagnosis with you.