2002 Audi Jerks when Accelerating

Hi - I have a 2002 Audi A4 1.8T that has started jerking/shuddering when accelerating after a stop at around 15 mph and then again around 35 mph. So far, mechanic has replaced spark plugs and the wiring harness to ignition coils but that has not fixed the problem. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what this might be? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Manual or automatic transmission? How many miles on the vehicle?

I had an 01 VW passat with the 1.8T engine with this very problem. Changed plugs, no help, coils, no help, vaccum lines, no help, it ended up being the Mass-airflow sensor that was shot. Replaced it and the car ran fine.

Automatic with 146,000 miles