2002 Accord Shift problems



I’ve got a 2002 Honda Accord 4 cyl VTEC and I’m having some problems with the manual transmission. From time to time when I try to shift into 1st or reverse, the shift lever seems to get caught up and it won’t go into gear, If I put it back into neutral and let out the clutch, then it goes into gear easily after that. I think it could be a linkage problem or something with the way the gears sync up. Does anyone have any advice for checking/fixing this problem?



[b]There is no linkage in your clutch system. It’s hydraulically operated.

From how you describe the problem, have the clutch hydraulic system bled. If there’s air in the system, and you depress the clutch pedal, it won’t fully disengage the clutch. When that happens, the transmission is still spinning. So when you try to put it into any gear, it can be difficult or cause a grinding noise.

But get this fixed. because eventually the transmission will be damaged.