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Difficult to put in first gear

87 Accord. Sometimes I have to force my gear selector into position, other times it will go into gear by simply leaning the weight of my idle hand against the selector.

It’s getting worse. Will it eventually refuse to go into gear or is this something I can just deal with? I only plan to keep this car another year or so so i’m not willing to invest in any big $$ repairs unless they are absolutely necessary. Thanks

There is a multi-link connection between the shifter and the transmission. If it starts to bind, which yours is doing, it can’t be repaired (I’ve tried). Replace the links. Try a salvage yard, first. If new, the part is about $150. With this shift linkage hanging up, the transmission won’t go fully into gear. After a while, it will cause the automatic transmission to fail. (Been there, and all that!).

Have you adjusted the clutch lately? When I did that on my '86 Accord it made a huge difference!

you DO have a stick right?

this sounds like a clutch problem. i would guess from the age of the car that it most likely needs a new clutch.

take it to a good transmission shop.

ask around among your friends, neighbors, co workers, and relatives. only use a shop with good (impeccable) references. you could also try the home page from this website and go to the mechnx link. you can search by zip code. then confirm by references.

I believe this car has a hydraulic clutch release system. Make sure the clutch master cylinder reservoir is full of fluid.

Has the pickup point of the clutch engagement moved closer to the floor? If the reservoir is full and the problem persists, you may need the clutch master cylinder replaced.

Let us know what you find.

It doesn’t-- it’s just a cable hooked up to the clutch. I think they went to a hydraulic clutch in the 1990 and on Accords. It’s also not self-adjusting, so I’m betting it just needs an adjustment.