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Acceleration Noise after Timing Belt Replaced

I just had my timing belt replaced at 105,000 miles by my mechanic. After I picked up the car there is a very noticeable low hum when accelerating. My mechanic told me that they put the belts on a little snug because they stretch or loosen after a few thousand miles, but it is really concerning. There is no lose of performance that I can tell right now. Should there be any different noises after a timing belt is replaced?

My only multiple timing belt replacement experience to draw from is with the BMW belt driven engines,not much change when new.

Keep your ear tuned to it,I conclude you recieved a 12mth 12,000 mile warranty on the work? or not.

Get the mechanic to commit to a time frame when the noise will stop and if it doesen’t then his explaniation is no good,see if he will attempt to please you.

Hopefully they replaced the belt tensioners also.
There will be very little stretch in a timing belt and one that is put on too tightly can certainly make noise and shorten the belt life.

On some vehicles (your car is?) the tension is fixed by an automatic tensioner; on others it’s adjustable. Bottom line; too tight is just as bad as too loose.