2001 Yukon

Our 2001 Yukon with 300k mi will often strand us after parking and switching off the engine. This usually happens at a gas pump or in the driveway at our house or a neighbors’. It always restarts 5-15 minutes later AND of course it will not repeat the condition for the mechanic. My wife and daughter seems to think it’s related to the battery as each time they’ve had it “jumped” it seems to recoup. It sounds fuel system related…like a pump going out or some kind of sensor misfiring. And it restarts every time and runs great after it “repairs itself”.

It is at the mechanics now with instructions not to return until the condition is replicated and the issue is corrected.


Starter solenoid. It works later because it either cooled down or just overcame the resistance inside from electric arc burn gunk. You can check by putting your hand on it and hitting the key. If it’s working you’ll feel the plunger inside moving, like a quick “pop”. I don’t know if you can replace the solenoid without tearing out the starter: On some GM you can, and others you cannot. Good luck.