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Car stall issues

I’ve got a 2012 Nissan Xterra that has been stalling out recently. Usually at lower speeds, when pressing the accelerator there is a stall, then a sudden jolt as the acceleration function seems to kick in. The car will occasionally stall out completely at either low or high speeds, and will almost always start right up after losing power.

Anyone familiar with this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sounds like a stumble to me.not a stall. Stall means motor a starter used here?

I guess it is a stumble. A jerky hit and miss of applied acceleration. It will occasionally stall with said stumbles. And occasionally stall with no warning while driving down the highway.

This is just a guess, but I experienced similar symptom (different brand) when the computer was dying. In my case I did get a CEL but the computer did not store any of the codes!

… but the CEL hasn’t lit up?

no, no CEL light…

If it has a TPS - throttle position sensor - that should be checked. Its resistance should vary smoothly as the throttle plate moves through its range. This could also be an ignition switch issue.

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Good point about the ignition switch.

There could be diagnostic codes pending even w/o a CEL. That’s where I’d start. I’d also measure the fuel trims at the same. I’m guessing either it is running too lean or there’s an ignition system problem. Bringing all the routine egine maintenance up to date makes sense first, as it has to be done anyway, and it might just cure the symptom.

You have an electronic throttle control problem, possibly due to a failing brake light switch. If the PCM believes that the brake pedal is pressed it will disable the throttle as a fail safe.

There can be a brake light switch correlation fault in the PCM without the check engine light on. If the engine was running lean the check engine light would be on long before you noticed a drivability problem.

The accelerator pedal position sensor and brake light switch inputs can be checked with a scan tool.