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2001 VW Bug front end shaking and when you turn right

My son has put so much money into this car, that now there is something else wrong. Replaced CV joints, motor mount tighten, new bearings, ty rods are ok, ball joints ok. This car is the biggest lemon. We have had almost everything new on this car, including the engine.

You’re obviously upset, and I can’t say I blame you. But that won’t help here.

Calm down, go back and read your post, then try to give us more information.

Start with the year of the car, then the mileage, and tell us which engine it has. Not all New Beetles are the same.

Tell us about YOUR car (or your son’s car). Be as detailed as you can. For instance, which new bearings were installed? And how do you “tighten” the motor mounts?

At what speed does this “shaking” occur? And what, exactly, happens “when you turn right?”

Also please tell us if the car has ever suffered crash damage. That’s very important.

Oh, and why did it need a new engine? It’s only nine years old. Engines should last longer than that.

Well, the car is 11 years old and those parts you mention are considered normal wear and tear items. Those are not the sign of a Lemon car at all.

As to the shaking that could be due to an alignment issue, assuming those tie rods, ball joints, etc. are really “ok”, whatever that means.

If the CV shafts were reman units it’s possible that one or both of those could be faulty and causing this. I’ve replaced a lot of shafts over the years with remans but in the last year or so I’ve seem to have gotten an irritating number of faulty shafts right out of the box. It got to the point where the first thing I do is lay them on the parts house counter and inspect them carefully before even walking out the door with them.

the worst thing we never did a car fax on it. It’s a 2001 VW Turbo beetle, not sure of the mileage at the moment but I think it’s maybe around 120,000. We don’t know if it’s been in a wreck or not. Around 1.5 yrs ago the timing chain broke and that led to a $2400 bill of whatever they do for a timing chain. Then six months later the car started acting up and it said it needed oil so my son put oil in it and it wouldn’t start, had it towed to our mechanic and they thought it was the turbo and changed their mind and said it needed a new engine for $5000, needless to say he still owed $4000 on it. So we had the place he bought it from come and get it and they said they could check it out and give him a better price. Well that took several months and over $4000 then it ran great for about 2 weeks and then the oil light came on and he took it to them again and some sensor was bad and the oil leaked into the turbo and ruined it. So a new turbo was put in. This dealer should of never sold him this car. Now my son the car shakes and especially when you turn right. He took to midas (bad move) and they said the whole front end is bad and needs about
$6000 worth of work. So my son had them replace something on the front end for $300 and the car still shakes. We drove it up here were we live and had our mechanic work on it, he replaced the cv joints and check everything else he could think of and the car still shakes. He is at his wits end. Plus he didn’t charge us:)

I forgot to say it is a manual transmission