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2001 Volvo S60 T5; stuck in park and alarm system failure

Problem 1 started in winter of 2010 and happens randomly : can’t shift the car from Park, I have to try several times, this occurs more during winter but now I’m having the same issue in summer even with temperatures above 78 degrees F. I took the car to the dealer in 2010 but nothing was wrong they said.
Problem 2, my wife threw the original key in the dumpster by mistake ( with the remote keyless), I have had a key made buy the dealer, this key opens the doors and starts the car but each time I look the doors, the front passenger door unlocks itself. Now I’m having this message ALARM SYSTEM SERVICE REQUIRED. The alarm is no longer triggered.

I’ll greatly appreciate your input on these 2 issues (causes and solutions) and also I’ll like to know how I get a key with a remote keyless made without going to the dealer. I’m in Raleigh, NC.

Thank you.

Volvo remotes and alarms are not easy to replace and reprogram. You can try several locksmith’s, but you might be stuck with a Volvo dealer in the end.

The transmission interlock is also complicated and integrates with several electrical circuits. One key component is the brake light switch. It goes on when your foot is on the brake and confirms that it is ok to release the transmission from park. The switch could be defective intermittently, or simply out of adjustment.

Thank you Uncle Turbo for your answer.