2001 Toyota Echo blower motor replacement


Is is possible for the average human to change out this ventilation motor without having to tear the dash completely apart? Could Harry Potter do it?


I can’t help with any info on how to get at the motor and assume you think it is bad. Before replacing it I would suggest you prove it is bad by applying power directly to it if you haven’t done that already. If the motor is good then check the relay and power to the motor for a problem.


You really ought to have a service manual to show you the procedure for replacing the motor. Some can be accessed easily, and others are buried pretty deep.


Are you sure the motor is bad? The car seems too new to need a new blower motor.


For several months the motor made a whirring or muffled clicking sound, as though the fan blade was hitting something, or the shaft bearing was going south. Then it abruptly stopped functioning. After three weeks of silence, it suddenly sprang to life in the wee (cool) hours of the morning and ran for about an hour before dying again. It ran on all speeds, so I’m guessing the switch is okay. Relay? Maybe, but the noisy motor makes me think bad bearing, plus the fact that it would run at 3:00AM briefly steers me in that direction also. If I could get at the thing, I would apply power to it. When I nose up under the dash on the passenger side, I see what looks like the end bell of a motor sticking down. It doesn’t look very easy to get at.