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2001 Tacoma 2001 Upstream Air Flow Sensor Location

I get a code indicating that I need an Upstream Air Flow Sensor. Where is it? I called Toyota for the Part price and it was in excess of $200.00. I cannot afford that at this time. Can I go to a salvage yard and get a used one in the hopes that it will last awhile?

The Mass Air Flow sensor is located right after the air filter housing. But before replacing the MAF sensor, pick up an aerosol can of MAF sensor cleaner and give the MAF a cleaning. Sometimes this will bring them back to life.


That part is an Air / Fuel Sensor. It is also called a wide band oxygen sensor. If you are really determined to change the wide band oxygen sensor, you can get them at auto parts stores. You can try one from a salvage yard, also.
If you don’t want to be a blind parts changer, you could bring the code here for advice. A trouble code NEVER says that a part is bad. It says that the engine computer doesn’t like the way the sensor is talking, OR, not talking.