2001 Subaru Forester

HELP. I bought a 2001 Subaru Forester from a FRIEND with 210,000 miles. He avoided almost ALL MAINTENANCE until it would not GO UP A HILL.
We paid $600 and it LOOKS GREAT. (1) TUNE-UP later and new plugs ( the plugs were ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT and ONE looked like a finger or a carrot)
It ran GREAT for a few weeks and then started choking or stalling when going up a hill or stopped at a light. ( AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ).
Now we replaced the FUEL sensor/regulator and filters. Next week replaced the FUEL PUMP.
It ran GREAT for 3 days and NOW is doing the same dumb thing. Can’t think of what to do next.

Richard Wayne in Las Vegas

You got what you payed for. At some point it may be worth taking it in to a qualified mechanic if you haven’t already . Otherwise, as you have found out already, you may be just chasing your tail. What you saved in price, you are making up in repairs.

I agree with @dagosa. Take it to an experienced and competent mechanic, or perhaps to an independent shop that’s familiar with Subarus.

What code are you getting from the check engine light?

Yes, take it to a good mechanice; there may be so many things it needs that scrapping is your most economical option. A Subaru which has seen little or no mainteancecan be a money pit waiting to be filled.