2004 Subaru Forester woes

Bought 2004 Forester with 153,000 miles for $3500. Fuel filter, fuel pump, radiator, water pump, thermostat, timing belt, both head gaskets, ALL head bolts, catalytic convertors, O2 sensors, coil pack, plugs, wires, rear wheel bearing, anti-sway bar end for a total of $4000 in repairs. still runs like crap, get 15 mpg if lucky, can’t pull out in traffic without backfiring through throttle, no power, overheating again, and now needs a master cylinder! Anyone else here who will never purchase another Subaru?

You bought a 14 year old vehicle and no matter the brand used vehicles are a gamble . That is why most people here say have a mechanic look at any planned used vehicle purchase.

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