2001 Ranger Transmission

'01 Ford Ranger 4cyl. 2.3L

Transmission “went out” so says Pep Boys (2 days before i’m supposed to ship it to Germany). I took it to a good mechanic and he told me the transmission itself is solid, but my second gear is gone. Every other gear works solid. Obviously, i can’t just go out and buy a transmission online. Any suggestions on parts to buy in order to take the trans apart and fix 2nd gear? Thanks

I guess we have to assume you’re talking about an automatic transmission here. You did not state the mileage, but since the truck is near 8 years old and probably has mileage in the up there range there is no reputable shop (general or transmission specific) that would tear an automatic apart and do a piecemeal repair. If it comes apart it gets a complete rebuild and that is as it should be.

If this is an automatic you might consider dropping by a transmission shop and have them scan it on the offchance the problem could be an electronic control problem. (Option number 1 here).
If this is a manual transmission then a complete overhaul would be in order and a parts list would not be known until the trans is disassembled.

It is a manual. I was hoping to repair it myself when i am back in the states, but not being able to order parts until it is taken apart means that won’t happen. This is a mess and is going to cost quite a bit of extra money when i am going to end up selling it anyway. I was just hoping to maximize my profit.

Junkyards can get you a used transmission. They can make shipping arrangements. Don’t try rebuilding it.

You probably have the T-5 transmission in this vehicle. It is not a hard transmission to rebuild. As for what parts you will need, you will not know what is needed until you get eyes on. It could be something simple like a broken syncro ring; a damaged clutch sleeve; or worn shifter fork or its inserts. It could be as bad as a stripped second gear on either the main shaft or counter shaft. In this case, a used transmission might be in order. Again you are going to have to get it apart before you can be sure what parts you need. At least on the T-5, you can get the cover off without having to pull out the input or main shafts. Then you can look in and assess the situation.

Hope that helps