2001 Protege ES 2.0L - rusty oil pan?

How many others out there have this problem? My 2001 Mazda Protege ES 2.0 liter has an oil pan that is very rusty and scaly. I’ve contacted Mazda about this with no success. I’ve owned this car since it was a year old, and I’ve never heard of a car’s oil pan rusting. I’m concerned that it will weaken and one good hit with a flying rock may empty my oil supply in seconds, wrecking the engine. Do other owners have this problem, and how did you hsandle it?

I think the oil pan has been rusty on every car I’ve ever owned. You have to remember this is a 9 year old car. I wouldn’t worry about it, if you get a leak it will be a slow one, Then you can get it repaired, but the bottom of the oil pan isn’t going to fallout.

Don’t worry about it. A rock hit whether brand new or old may or may not cause a problem.

If you sleep better pay to replace it. Mazda is not liable for something like this after 9 years.