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Mazda Protege Rusty Oil Pan

I have a 2001 Mazda Protege ES (118k) with the 2.0 liter engine. In performing my oil changes, I have noticed the engine oil pan is rusting, and it’s getting worse. Has anyone else had this problem? How hard is it to replace the pan myself?

Oil Pans Sometimes Get A Little Rusty.

Do you actually think it’s in danger of rusting through? I wouldn’t jump right up and replace it unless people respond that these are a weak link on these vehicles. I think a pin-hole leak would develop over time if it’s that bad and start showing drips under the car. I can’t picture the bottom dropping out or anything like that. What is the condition of the rest of the car’s underbelly? Do you see other rust damage? By the way, I usually wipe my oil pan down with a slightly oily rag when I change my oil.

There is some scale under there, but nothing out of the ordinary (I live in central Ohio). I’ve lived in the salty Midwest most of my life, and I 've never seen rust like this on an oil pan. It’s not leaking at this time, but I’m mostly concerned of a stone, etc. getting thrown up there and causing a larger puncture.

I would do some light sanding, treat with something like Permatex extend anti-rust treatment, prime, paint, and find some of the spray undercoating, to see if that doesn’t stop the rust. The sanding will also tell you how deep the rust may have penetrated.

This would be a relatively cheap $30 or so fix.